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Powdery Materials  75m Hopper Screw Conveyor System Safety High Performance

Powdery Materials 75m Hopper Screw Conveyor System Safety High Performance

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    screw conveyor system


    spiral conveyor

  • Name
    Air Slide
  • Material
  • Color
  • Width Of Chute
    120mm ~ 1000mm
  • Delivery Capacity
    7 ~ 1200 T/h (calculated According To Cement Bulk Density)
  • Applicable Materials
    Cement,GGBS, Fly Ash And Other Powdery Materials
  • Place of Origin
    Hangzhou of China
  • Brand Name
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T

Powdery Materials 75m Hopper Screw Conveyor System Safety High Performance

Air Slide with Capacity 1200t/h, width 300mm



1. Product Description


Every day, we are hoping for a higher and farther future, moving forward and regaining confidence. Teamwork is the guarantee of success, and

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Air slide is a kind of equipment widely used in powder material conveying, which is mainly used for cement and powder conveying. Air conveying chute is divided into closed conveying chute (abbreviated as inclined chute) and open inflatable chute (abbreviated as inflatable chute). The inclined groove is composed of several thin steel plates connected together and arranged in a certain slope along the direction of its conveying. The groove body is composed of an upper and lower groove body and a permeable layer clamped between the upper and lower groove bodies. The conveyed material is fed into the upper trough body by the high end, and the air is blown into the lower trough body by the blower and distributed among the particles through the permeable layer, which forms a flow state (i.e. fluidization), and slides down along the slope to achieve the purpose of conveying. The inflatable tank is a groove body consisting of a permeable layer and a lower groove body, which is generally used for homogenization or discharge in the reservoir.



2. Specification



Rate production capacity 700t/h
Limit capacity 1100t/h
Bulk cargo powder, bulk cement, grain, Fly ash
Ship size 40000DWT
Hoisting capacity 30t
Span 22m
Max.out reach of grab Out rail water side 28m
In rail waterside 12m
Height of grab Above rail 21m
Below rail 19m
Luffing angle of boom 4~14 °
Volume of hopper 75m
Hoisting speed 110~150m/min
Traverse speed 180m/min
Traveling speed 22m/min
Cabin traveling speed 20m/min
Width of belt conveyor 1600mm
Speed of belt conveyor 2.5m
Boom hoisting time one way 7min
Max.working load of wheel 350KN
Crane rail recommed QU100
Motor capcity 1240KW
Power supply (H.V. cable reel) 10KV. 50HZ





3. advantages of this model are as follows:


The air conveying chute manufactured by our company integrates the latest technology of domestic and foreign products. It has the advantages of reasonable parameters, novel structure, beautiful appearance, economy and practicality.