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Professional Fixed Screw Reclaim Ship Unloader Clinker Unloading Operations

Professional Fixed Screw Reclaim Ship Unloader Clinker Unloading Operations

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    fixed screw reclaim ship unloader


    fixed screw ship unloader 1500t/h


    Unloading Operations fixed screw ship unloader

  • Installation Method
    Fixed Position
  • Unloading Volume
    150~1500t/h (according To Cement)
  • Unloadable Objects
    Cement, Mineral Powder, Fly Ash, Fertilizer, Grain
  • Suitable For Ship Types
    1000~15000 DWT
  • Brand Name
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T

Professional Fixed Screw Reclaim Ship Unloader Clinker Unloading Operations

Capacity 100 ~ 500t/H (Calculated According To Cement Bulk Density)
Applicable Ship Type 600~15000 DWT
Horizontal Swivel Angle Of Horizontal Arm ±135°
Pitch Angle Of Horizontal Arm 30° For Lifting Up And 30° For Probing Down
Swing Angle Of Vertical Arm 30° For Inner Swing And 40° For Outer Swing
Energy Consumption ≤0.8kwh/T
Noise ≤ 80dB
Dust Emission Concentration ≤ 10 Mg/M³


ATXL-A fixed ship unloader is a screw ship unloader with fixed installation method, which is fixed on the shore of the pier and cannot be moved. Suitable for harbour terminals where fixed bases can be installed. After 17 years of technology accumulation, the fixed screw ship unloader has mature technology and stable performance.


Unloadable objects: cement, mineral powder, fly ash, fertilizer, grain and other powdery bulk materials.

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II. Features:
1. Wear resistance: powdery dry bulk materials are different from other types of materials, due to the characteristics of high-speed screw transportation, it is determined that its spiral blades and spiral pipe walls are almost not worn, only a very small number of components such as the middle connecting shaft of the screw conveyor and its accessories have the demand for wear resistance. The intermediate shaft of ATXL type screw ship unloader and its accessories are made of high-wear-resistant alloy material with a number of patented technologies, and are inlaid with cemented carbide particles, with a service life of more than 1 million tons.


2. Environmental protection:
The screw reclaimer has a built-in dust suction and dust suppression system, which can quickly collect and absorb dust caused by material flow and material layer collapse during the reclaiming process. The interior of the belt conveyor for subsequent lifting and conveying is fully sealed, and a bag-type dust collection port is provided at the tail of the belt conveyor, which maintains a slight negative pressure in the sealing channel to solve environmental protection problems such as dust flying, and completely solves the problems of spreading, leakage, ash, dust and other problems in the open operation of grab unloader, which is the most ideal replacement product for traditional grab ship unloader.


3.High efficiency: using efficient special reclaiming device and high-speed screw, continuous lifting and conveying materials, the height of the remaining material in the cabin is ≤ 250mm, the maximum receiving and unloading capacity is 1500 tons / hour, and the average operating efficiency is more than 70%.


4. Energy saving: Due to the continuity of material transportation of the screw ship unloader, it is easy to realize the whole closed-loop control and automatic adjustment from the material taking end to the discharge end, and always keep the ship unloader in the best working condition. The loss of non-functional quantities is minimized, so that the unit energy consumption is between 0.5-0.7KWH/h, reaching the level of energy saving.





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