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High Efficiency Clinker Ship Loader Environmentally Energysaving 1500t/H

High Efficiency Clinker Ship Loader Environmentally Energysaving 1500t/H

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    Clinker Ship Loader energy saving


    High efficiency Clinker Ship Loader


    1500t/h Clinker Ship Loader

  • Capacity
  • Applicable Ship Type
    500~100000 DWT
  • Horizontal Arm Horizontal Swing Angle
    ± 135°
  • Horizontal Arm Pitch Angle
    30° Upward Lift, 30°
  • Energy Consumption
  • Noise
  • Place of Origin
    Hangzhou of China
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T

High Efficiency Clinker Ship Loader Environmentally Energysaving 1500t/H



Capacity 300~1500t/h (calculated by clinker bulk weight)
Applicable Ship Type 500~100000 DWT
Horizontal arm horizontal rotation angle ±135°
Horizontal arm pitch angle 30° upward lift, 30° downward probe
Vertical arm swing angle inner swing 30°, external swing 40°
Energy Consumption ≤0.8kwh/t
Noise ≤ 80dB
Dust Emission Concentration ≤ 10 Mg/M³


The ATSL environmentally friendly clinker screw ship unloader is a major technological innovation in the research and development of clinker ship unloading operation equipment. It solves the problems of dust flying and inefficient operation when unloading ships, and meets the national environmental protection standards. It is an upgraded replacement equipment for clinker operations in ports and terminals to replace grabs. At present, in the clinker transfer equipment market, this clinker ship unloader is more mature in technology, more exquisite in craftsmanship, and more popular with customers!


Detailed features:
1. Super wear-resistant:
ATSL type clinker ship unloader is the result of 19 years of technology accumulation and ingenuity of AOTOO, with reasonable structure, scientific and efficient, and it is an international first. The blade surface of the screw machine at the reclaimer adopts proprietary technology to integrate the "diamond grade" wear resistance, which can exceed the wear life of 3000H. This type of equipment can also unload sand and gravel with a particle size of less than 100mm.
Subsequent hoisting and conveying adopts a special corrugated sidewall belt conveyor, which is made of imported super-hard wear-resistant materials and made by special technology, and its transportation life can exceed 3 years.

2. Environmental protection:
The screw reclaimer has a built-in dust collection and dust suppression system, which can quickly collect and absorb the dust caused by the material flow and the collapse of the material layer during the reclaiming process. The interior of the belt conveyor for subsequent lifting and conveying is fully sealed, and a bag-type dust collection port is provided at the tail of the belt conveyor. A slight negative pressure is maintained in the sealed channel, which solves environmental protection problems such as dust flying, and completely solves the problem of dust in the open operation of grab-type ship unloading. It is the most ideal replacement product for traditional grab ship unloaders.
3. Energy saving:
The environmentally friendly clinker ship unloader is driven by a permanent magnet motor, and at the same time controls the total length of the reclaiming screw <5m, the volume is smaller, and the energy consumption is greatly saved. The follow-up lifting and conveying adopts the corrugated sidewall belt conveyor, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the whole machine, and the energy consumption of the whole machine is about 0.6~0.8KWH/t.


Installation method: fixed type, track mobile type, tire mobile type, ship-mounted type



Hangzhou Alto Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and service of high-end equipment for dry bulk cargo port transit and dry bulk port loading and unloading. The leading products are environmentally friendly and efficient screw ship unloaders and transfer station series equipment, including bulk cement spiral ship unloaders, environmentally friendly spiral unloaders, environmentally friendly clinker ship unloaders, grain ship unloaders, ship loaders, dust collectors, conveyor equipment, etc., which is a model of "domestic alternative imports". In 2019, Zhejiang Province "Hidden Champion" cultivation enterprise, with more than 70 invention, practical, appearance patents and software copyrights, is JC/T 2575 "Bulk Cement Spiral Unloading Machine Industry Standard" responsible for the drafting unit, the design of the maximum unloading capacity of 3000t/h, receiving and unloading ship type 200000DWT.
High Efficiency Clinker Ship Loader Environmentally Energysaving 1500t/H 0