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High Capacity Coal Unloader,Environmentally friendly,Excellent Performance,Perfectly Reliable,High intelligence,ATXM-B

High Capacity Coal Unloader,Environmentally friendly,Excellent Performance,Perfectly Reliable,High intelligence,ATXM-B

  • High Light

    coal unloading system


    screw type ship unloader

  • Ship Carrying Capacity
    The Maximum Compatible Loading And Unloading Ships Weigh 100,000 DWT
  • Machine Life
    The Service Life Of The Machine Exceeds 25 Years
  • Wearing Parts
    The Service Life Of Wearing Parts Exceeds 800,000 Tons
  • High Efficiency
    High Output Capacity,up To 2000 Tons/hour
  • Energy Saving
    About 0.8-1.0 Kw·h/ton
  • Environmentally Friendly
    The Entire Process From The Inlet To The Outlet Is Sealed, Meeting The National Emission Standards. Low Noise, Low Vibration, Stable Operation.
  • Place of Origin
    Hangzhou of China
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T

High Capacity Coal Unloader,Environmentally friendly,Excellent Performance,Perfectly Reliable,High intelligence,ATXM-B

I. Sophisticated Technique and Craftsmanship

1. "King Kong class" special wear-resistant material

A. Prolong the service life of the reclaimer

(1) durable wear-resisting: It equipped with super wear-resisting spiral blade to reduce the wear of sharp block material on the equipment, therefore improve the service life of the equipment;

(2) Efficient reclaiming: through the design of the reclaiming surface with scientific and low resistance, the function of material inclusion is enhanced;

(3) Flexible speed matching: the flexible operation mode of "automatic transition system" is adopted to provide suitable material transmission speed for materials of different materials and shapes;


B. The service life of wearing parts exceeds 400,000 tons


2. Super high working tolerance

A. Suitable for various types and specifications of coal

(1) Suitable for 2000~100000DWT bulk carriers;

(2) Suitable for lump coal with particle size ≦200mm;

(3) Suitable for coal with water content ≦20%;

(4) It also fits all kinds of powdery and small block materials including cement and GGBS.


3. The motion system is flexible and easy to control

A. Gears and motion speeds can be adjusted according to the working conditions.

(1) Accurate material search: depending on the joint rotation of the machine beam arm, the reclaiming device can accurately probe the dark compartment area, easily search, and store materials, and the movement area covers the entire warehouse.

(2) High-efficiency continuous suction: According to the user's maximum ship type and water level drop, the boom system of the coal unloader is under the combined action of the main slewing support and each joint drive device. The reclaimer has the function of three-coordinate space searching, which combines the ability of the machine to walk along the track can carry out continuous unloading operations without stopping and uninterrupted for each warehouse of the berthing ship.


Loading and unloading the ship at once, the process has no shifting, no need to wait. It saves time and effort and worry-free.


4.Automatic lubrication system

A. regular and quantitative supply of lubricant

(1) On-demand supply: each lubrication point is equipped with a corresponding sensor to realize the timing, fixed-point and quantitative supply of grease at the main lubrication point;

(2) Timing and fixed number: According to the oil consumption of different lubrication points, give the corresponding interval and times of oiling;

(3) Self-detection and warning system: Self-detect lubricant pressure, lubricant level, pressure difference, flow, lubricant temperature, and other parameters as well. And send warnings.


b. Significant advantages:

•long service life

• High tolerance to high temperature and low temperature, great tolerance to large temperature variations, and a wider operating temperature range.


5.The hydraulic system with “hypersensitive variables"

A.the energy saving effect is very remarkable, the efficiency improvement is very significant

(1) Smoothly speed adjustments: adjustable gear transmissions, "infinite speed shift", more stable action switch, shift as smooth as silky smooth, no sense of great impact;

(2) Temperature reduction and energy consumption saving: according to the needs of the action, automatic distribution of flow, control the operating temperature, it reduces energy consumption, reduces the power consumption of equipment operation, and lowers operating cost;

(3) Energy saving and efficiency improvement: automatic control of flow according to the load size, significant energy saving effect; Reduce idling time;

(4) Self-cleaning protection: the hydraulic system is equipped with an inlet and outlet oil filter device, and the hydraulic station is equipped with a detachable protective cover to ensure the system clean;

(5) Multi-channel testing system: more than 20 processes of factory testing and inspection, for the hydraulic system "ready to use" escort.

(6) Sealing pipeline: the adoption of cold-drawn precision seamless pipe, phosphating rust removal, removal of impurities and improvements of the cleanliness of pipeline tighten seals at the connection of the pipeline meanwile prevent the trouble of oil leakage; Adoption of high quality and heavy-duty pipe card with high pressure grade makes arrangement beautiful.


B. Protection upgrade:Boom safety system

If there is a hydraulic oil supply fault in the boom operation, or even a pipeline burst, the oil cylinder supporting the boom can immediately lock itself, so that the boom will not fall due to gravity.


6. Customized" one-on-one design service

A.Customized design of structure process to create exclusive equipment for customers

According to the physical and chemical characteristics of different unloaded materials and the transfer process requirements, we customize the design of the whole system process and equipment from the main engine of loading and unloading ship to the whole process of transportation to storage for customers in order to realize the environmentally friendly, rapid, balanced, and stable material transfer.


B. automated control system, your reliable electrical controller

(1) Dedicated high-end electrical room, complied with international IEC electrical standards

(2) Siemens integrated touchscreen controller LCD operation terminal, simple reliable and stable

(3) Advanced "intelligent load control system" to realize overload protection and stabilization of the operation of equipment;

(4) Various modes of wired and wireless controller, so the operation is convenient and flexible;

(5) Intelligent detection system to ensure the operation safety of the equipment.


7.Emergency backup system

A. To protect the operation of equipment from sudden power failures

Sudden power failures cause the equipment to stop running. At this time, high electric surge can cause equipment damage easily. An emergency backup system has come out for this reason. The vertical conveyor can be moved out of the cabin to carefully ensure the equipment working safety

B. Emergency backup system (optional):

1. Emergency power generator

2. Electrically driven equipment


8.The integrated predictive maintenance platform

A.The Online Fault Diagnosis System

(1) Predictive analysis: monitor the dynamic operation status of equipment online, collect operation data, realize "predictive maintenance”, and reduce the failure rate of equipment;

(2)Online diagnosis: based on the multi-directional collection of equipment operation data, it can make early prediction, analysis, diagnosis, identify and eliminate the unit faults, predict the development trend of faults, improve the accuracy of fault judgment, eliminate the hidden trouble in advance, and make the equipment operate in the best condition;

(3) Efficient after-sales service: through accurate fault analysis of the equipment, the response time of the prepared spare parts is greatly shortened, and the after-sales maintenance efficiency is greatly improved;

(4) Cost saving: the rapid response of after-sale maintenance and the saving equipment maintenance times have achieved and maintenance costs significantly reduced;


Through dynamic information of the devices, detecting dynamic operation status of equipment, operation data analysis and diagnosis of equipment failure, it not only improves the efficiency of the after-sales maintenance, ensures the quality of maintenance, reduces equipment downtime, improves equipment reliability, and prolongs the operation cycle, to realize efficient, stable, continuous usage of equipment and reduces the equipment capital occupancy rate.

From point to line, from line to plane, we provide you with after-sales maintenance of the " integrated predictive platform".



(1)Predictive maintenance:20%

(2)Remote diagnosis and repair:50%

(3)On-site maintenance:30%


High Capacity Coal Unloader,Environmentally friendly,Excellent Performance,Perfectly Reliable,High intelligence,ATXM-B 0


II.Functionality testing platform

The factory is equipped with a professional, meticulous, in-depth functionality testing platform, it carries out multi-directional, multi-angle, multi-process tests on the structure stability of the physical equipment, material wear resistance, operational intelligence, and reliability to ensure the quality of the manufactured equipment.

Detailed testing procedures: material penetrability, moisture test, large particle size, power, current, speed and output function relationship, wear resistance, hydraulic system, and electric tests, and dozens of technical indicator tests as well.