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Industry Coal Unloader / Coal Unloading System 7min Boom Hoisting Time One Way

Industry Coal Unloader / Coal Unloading System 7min Boom Hoisting Time One Way

  • High Light

    coal unloading equipment


    screw type ship unloader

  • Ship Carrying Capacity
    The Maximum Compatible Loading And Unloading Ships Weigh 100,000 DWT
  • Machine Life
    The Service Life Of The Machine Exceeds 25 Years
  • Wearing Parts
    The Service Life Of Wearing Parts Exceeds 800,000 Tons
  • High Efficiency
    High Output Capacity,up To 2000tons/hour
  • Energy Saving
    About 0.8-1.0 Kw·h/ton
  • Environmentally Friendly
    The Entire Process From The Inlet To The Outlet Is Sealed, Meeting The National Emission Standards. Low Noise, Low Vibration, Stable Operation.
  • Place of Origin
    Hangzhou of China
  • Brand Name
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T

Industry Coal Unloader / Coal Unloading System 7min Boom Hoisting Time One Way

Screw Coal Unloader with Capacity 400~1500t/h


1. Product Description


AOTUO-XM environmentally friendly screw coal unloader is independently developed and manufactured by AOTUO in 2018. It has been successfully applied to coal conveying system of a domestic power plant and is the first set of coal unloader in China. Relying on the two-way horizontal rotation of the rotary tower, the elevation of the horizontal beam on the tower, the swing of the vertical arm forward and backward and the walking of the gantry crane, the feeder can realize the three-dimensional motion tracking of material position, and then use the vertical screw machine to lift the material to the horizontal screw machine, and then automatically unload the material in the warehouse to the shore by the discharging device.

2. Specification


Rate production capacity 1250t/h
Limit capacity 1400t/h
Bulk cargo Coal
Ship size 50000DWT
Hoisting capacity 32t
Span 22m
Max.out reach of grab Out rail water side 28m
In rail waterside 12m
Height of grab Above rail 21m
Below rail 19m
Luffing angle of boom 0~80 °
Volume of hopper 75m
Hoisting speed 110~150m/min
Traverse speed 180m/min
Traveling speed 22m/min
Cabin traveling speed 20m/min
Width of belt conveyor 1600mm
Speed of belt conveyor 2.5m
Boom hoisting time one way 7min
Max.working load of wheel 350KN
Crane rail recommed QU100
Motor capcity 1240KW
Power supply (H.V. cable reel) 10KV. 50HZ




 3. advantages of this model are as follows:


1. Environmental protection: no dust escapes during the whole process of coal unloading; high Efficiency-High output, 400-1500t/h;
2. Long life: Coal unloader reclaimer and spiral blade, conveying pipe are made of high wear-resistant materials;
3. Wide adaptability: It can be used for unloading lump coal with 20% water content and 200 mm diameter from 800 to 50000 DWT coal bulk carrier.
4. Low energy consumption: energy consumption per ton is about 1 degree. Compared with grab coal unloader, it has obvious advantages of energy saving and environmental protection.
This product is developed by AOTUO company. in response to the mandatory requirements of energy saving and environmental protection for coal unloading in ports. It has a good development prospects for coal unloading special equipment.